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Sirge Sound Productions:
 -Need that certain producer to take you to platinum, multi-platinum status? Ever wondered what it's like to get a GRAMMY or another kind of music award? Just in need of some affordable studio time without the risk of going broke OR just need a recording studio that gives you a great sounding product??
 -Contact us for pricing, schedules and availability whether you need to record, mixdown, master, mp3 file conversion, etc [1.917.905.2261, www.sirgesound.com] .
 -We are also members to The National Academy Of Recording Arts and Sciences (which is responsible for The GRAMMY Awards, The Latin GRAMMY Awards, MusiCares, and the GRAMMY In The Schools program); otherwise known as The Recording Academy.
 -Female music Producers and Female recording engineers are welcome to apply. Online shopping for all your music instrument and recording studio needs.




M-F 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM EST




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SIRGE SOUND PRODUCTIONS. The company whose name is synonymous 2 the business savvy, professionalism and creative presentation that has been the foundation of the music industry from the beginning. These ideals; however, at times have been watered down, compromised or neglected by the very present figures who frequently mesmorize us ( and generations 2 come) with their music.The staff which comprises the organization "SIRGE Sound Productions ", brings these ideals back into the arena.

What is needed is an organization within the music industry whose purpose is 2 develop -n- expose the talents of creative -n- business-oriented individuals. At the same time, we R driven 2 stimulate the thought processes of others 2 become business-oriented if not yet entrepreneurial conscious.

SIRGE Sound Productions has been on the scene for a couple of years now and has also made various important strides. The organization has in the past joined efforts with BAMN Productions/ Basement Recordings, another company located in Brooklyn, New York which spearheaded the efforts of bringing together music, computer technology and business to people of diverse backgrounds and disciplines. Music workshops and clinics were held at a variety of educational institutions and facilities such as Medgar Evers College and Long Island University. This was one of many important milestones in informing and preparing communities at large for the technological world.

SIRGE Sound Productions has also represented itself in conferences regarding the media arts and entertainment business industries. The organizations has made its presence known in a music/ entertainment industry panel discussion on December 1994 in Long Island University. The panel consisted of Mr. Jimmy Dracoulas, video editor of MULTI-VIDEO, Ms. Deidre Young , music industry consultant for ALL IN ONE ENTERTAINMENT, and the hip-hop group CHANNEL LIVE which was introduced to the hip-hop audience at large by rap artist KRS-ONE.

Added to the list of achievements is that of working on projects for a variety of music industry peers. Recently, SIRGE Sound Productions has done work for the well known group of balladeers "BLUE MAGIC". We have also presented work of an independent nature to major record label representatives. We gain more opportunities with more clients by meeting the needed demand by supplying what is requested.

Although work with industry "knowns" is rewarding in itself, we cannot express enough to you the importance of discovering and developing the creative-artistic aptitude of the up-n-coming.



MAGIX Software & VEGAS Creative Software




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MAGIX Software




24 Track (digital) MIDI
EQ’ing , Compressor/ Limiters
Software based Sequencer
Drum Machine(s) 
CD Burning
MP3 Conversion
Mixing Console(s): Analog (Manual), Digital (Automated Faders)
CD Mastering


Contact us at our Email address [near top of page] for the following services:

-studio time (and rates)
-soundtrack creation
-mp3 needs
-digi file masterting, etc...

!! See down below at our Services for our Current Fees !!




Looking To Build Your OWN Recording Studio ? Start HERE !
MAGIX Software & VEGAS Creative Software
MAGIX Software & VEGAS Creative Software
MAGIX Software & VEGAS Creative Software
Free shipping and the guaranteed lowest price as SamAsh.com
MAGIX Software & VEGAS Creative Software
VEGAS Creative Software VEGAS Movie Studio



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SIRGE SOUND PRODUCTIONS as stated earlier has represented itself in music industry MIDI clinics as with Basement Recordings at Medgar Evers College, panels at Long Island University, won “Best Producers” award for Open Mic TV show (joint efforts between LIU-TV and Brooklyn Cable Access Television) in 1997-1998 and has guided a former artist who released works on a commercially available CD.

[Under the supervision and direction of Broad Based Promotions] Promotion assistance has been given to provide exposure to the 2005 ABC (American Broadcasting Company) Network Television Show “Jake In Progress” featuring John Stamos [now playing “Jake Phillips” formerly recognized for his lovable role as “Uncle Jesse” in the tv show “Full House”]. While assisting with the promotion, media coverage was presented by Access Hollywood which airs on NBC (National Broadcasting Company).



CLIENT ARCHIVES: LIU Careers In Communications
LIU Careers In Communications
*NOTE: Some Information BLOCKED [above] for Security Purposes...






2008/2009 ACHIEVEMENTS (cont'd)
NOTE: this is an except from the more complete version of the Sirge Conglomerate Bio

In July/ August of 2008, the CEO himself [Sirge] volunteered his efforts by being on a panel of judges for the 1st Annual Native-E Music Awards [www.Native-E-MusicAwards.com] being held late September. This event celebrates the music and talent from artists of Native American decent.


Native-E Music Awards
Panel Judge
Native E Music Awards logo


Sirge also occupied his time by submitting photo artwork in an exhibit called “CLICK” held at New York’s own Brooklyn Museum. Although not in the main gallery, his artwork was in the exhibit. Lastly assistance on an independent movie short [Desperation] for an upcoming indie film maker rounds out the two month activity for the Sirge Conglomerate in addition to the overall music agenda.

Independent Movie "Desperation" UPDATE: As of 2009, the independent film short "Desperation" assisted on in the Summer of 2008 was aired on CableVision and TimeWarner on January 30, 2009 at 10am EST. This project has garnered us "Audio/ Sound Mixer" screen credits and the film maker is currently submitting it into various film festivals. Independent Film Short: Desperation [Audio/ Sound Mixer Credits]


DESPERATION [Independent Film]
Billecia Inc and Kingdom Life Productions
Desperation Indie Film logo
2009 SoundMixer screen credits




Don't Forget To Support Your Peers Too Or Simply Go Out And Enjoy Other Events !!




Sirge Sound Productions is now also member to The Recording Academy (National Academy Of Recording Arts And Sciences) also known as NARAS, which are widely recognized for hosting the annual GRAMMY AWARDS. We were appreciative to be acknowledged [2005 and 2008] with GRAMMY/ Recording Academy certificates by them as well.



NARAS/ The Recording Academy



The Sirge Conglomerate credits much of its achievements now and into the future with the hard work and discipline of its staff and personnel. And we’d like to thank the audience at large from now because we’re ultimately here for all of you and you will be hearing more from us....
Thank You ALL,




A "Throwback" With Good People...
A Few Vintage Pics with good people [clockwise] like Tiara (also a good songwriter), Alicia Keys (GRAMMY winner at Release/ Signing), Susie Wong (Fitness Trainer at GRAMMY Awards Party held at Jay-Z's 40/40 Club) and Egypt (Radio and Television Personality).



More "Throwbacks" with Good People...


*With the gorgeous and intelligent ladies of NARAS [Lisa Zahn & Michele Carrino Giuliano] at GRAMMY Awards Party.

*With Producer/ Composer Dave O'Donnell [I believe Grammy Winner too] and his lovely wife Janet.


Fun, Yet and Still MORE Fun with other Grammy Members at [another] GRAMMY Awards Party held at Jay-Z's Club 40/40 !



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[You are welcome to make a secured payment/ contribution via our PayPal features here. If you are viewing this page from the parent company site (ie. you see the huge "Sirge Conglomerate" banner at the top of the page), you may have to "right-click/ open" this page's URL address into a new window for the paypal button to work properly. Thank you for your generosity from all of us.]


ESPANOL: Si tu quiere pagar para nuestros servicios [y tu vea las palabras grande "Sirge Conglomerate" sobre en este pagina] tu necesita a abrir este pagina en una pagina nueva para PAYPAL a trabajar..gracias !



 Production Tracks


 Studio Time

 General Costs/ Fees

* Instrumental: currently btwn $1,500 to
  $3,000 [and Up].

*Complete Song: currently $3,000 and Up.
 General Costs/ Fees

*Client Present: $30 per hour
  [10-hour session]

*Client Not Present: Discounted
   at $600 per 1st 11songs. Ask How !!!
 General Costs/ Fees

*Per Hour: $90

*Blocked-Out Time: (Discounted
   at 5-hour units) $200 per each 5 hours. Ask How !!! Also $1,000 flat per week deal (weekends too..just ask) !!!


 *CD Burning: $70 per 1st 12recordings; $5 Extra for additional CD burning requested under 12recordings.


Production Track fees
Mastering fees




Brief Information: Production Tracks may and can also consist of compositions we have ready for license as well as newly-created tracks. Mastering includes the processes of organizing your recorded tracks in a certain order on disk as well as bringing out the best possible sound [sonically] in which the first stage of the recording process the studio misses [not to mention how much the radio stations WILL compress your recordings too !!]. Studio time in addition to the other services here are always negotiable with regards to fees.

CONGRATULATIONS ! A Well Completed Project Deserves To Have ALL Involved Celebrate The Right Way !
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