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The original S.N.I.P.E.R. MUSIC PUBLISHING is the prize behind DIMENSION number TWO. As the music publishing company subsidiary to SIRGE SOUND PRODUCTIONS, S.N.I.P.E.R. has positioned itself in handling the administrative functions and paperwork of the production company. History has taught us that you can't have the music without the business. Experience has shown us that the business should come before the music; therefore, you should excuse us for our dyslexic ways conducting procedures in this business music ( Now how many of you one that understood ! ).



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The "Poor Man's Copyright"
It is also to your benefit to protect yourself and your music by executing your documents correctly which we are able to assist you with. For example, many are diligent when it comes to the creative aspects (ie. composing, songwriting); however, won't go that "extra mile" to protect the music you worked so hard on. The "poor man's copyright" way is NOT the answer !! One of the many disadvantages to this method is that the copy you'd mail to yourself has the potential to either be lost or destroyed in a fire. Another disadvantage is that this method is NOT recognized internationally; therefore, it doesn't protect your work from theft of someone overseas. We can guide you through many potential "pitfalls" and setbacks if you select to protect your work the correct way.

Song/ Music Placement
There are many lucrative ways to generate revenue/ income from your songs, music, and/ or complete compositions. You can from having either upcoming or already established talent record and perform your material, place your material with movie soundtracks, submit them for television show theme music, and even the background ambience to many commercials being aired on radio, satellite radio and television. When you are ready to pursue these many varied ways of generating income from your material...feel encouraged to contact us at our Music Publishing email address near the top of our page. We can then give you our rates [sometimes placed on this page down below in our online service fee/ retainer payment feature] and begin to get you started on one of the extremely lucrative ways to generate revenue in the industry [you may contact us for our agreement terms]. For our retainer, we shop/ pitch your material through several of our industry leads which from time-to-time are looking for certain genres and styles of music to fit their projects. Remember, being that there's so much competition for you [from your peers], sometimes pitching your material takes time before one of our 7 to 8 industry leads believes YOUR music is the right "fit" [more than your competitor] for their project. We pitch online, offline, in person meetings, digitally, via snail-mail, etc. We have access to various companies, artists, labels, movie production projects, etc whom are constantly looking for the perfect music submissions; therefore, please remember to contact us with your BEST works !!!

Searches and Registrations
From time to time, you may feel the need to learn whether someone you've collaborated with ACTUALLY gave you credit for the work you've done together. We also offer a "search" service for which we'd conduct one on the database of The Library Of Congress. Doing this search also protects you in that you can feel at ease that a claim may not be brought up that either someone has stolen a song from you [or hopefully NEVER vice-versa]

We are also capable and offer registration services with regards to ASCAP [in addition to copyrights]. This is important in that anytime your material is generating revenue for someone else (ie. commercials, movies, radio, etc), it should also be monitored whereas ASCAP can provide you with the royalties therefrom. You may think you can do this yourself; however, there may also come moments when your schedule with projects are so filled...you don't have the time (or the patience). Feel encouraged here also to allow us to handle this for you. You may venture a lil' further down the page to see a sampling of our clients. Thank You and hope to do business with you....and for you !



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- songwriting
-copyrights (registration & searches)
-performance right organization affiliation (ie. ASCAP, BMI, SESAC)

-licensing & music placement [ for t.v., movies, commercials, etc ]






Partial List: Clients/Projects We've Done Work For: [Past and Present]
Maya Azucena
Blue Magic
Maya Azucena
Maya Who?!
JunkYard Jewel


* handled copyright services for songs on artists SoulRebelz (genre: triphop) "Presently" cd.

* handled trademark services for balladeer group Blue Magic.

* handle copyright services and ASCAP registrations for artist Maya Azucena (genre: soul/acoustic/ hiphop)[including the cd's: "Maya Who?!", "Junkyard Jewel", and several yet to be released songs]. Also tracked down for her missing ASCAP royalties for her song "Down Down" which was placed in an episode of HBO tv show series "The Wire". Reviewed some contracts she has with some of her music collaborators [finding and correcting/adjusting their discrepancies with her].

* obtained airplay on internet radio for several songs in our catalogue (ie. from artists: The Lyricist , and Sirge)as well as for 2nd time songwriter client [Georgette Semaan] who has written alongside with music group FullForce (ie. UTFO, Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam, Cheryl Pepsi Riley, Hitman Howie Tee, etc) and songwriter Peter Bliss (ie. Barbra Streisand, N'SYNC, Paula Abdul, Jennifer Love Hewitt, etc).



*NOTE: Some Information BLOCKED [above] for Security Purposes...









Our writers specializes in the original and creative. Our business-oriented strategies emulates the definition of music publishing. Pin-point precision is not only descriptive , but is indicative of how each of us has been selected to carry out our mission.

From A Writer's Point of View: Our mission(s) should any of us decide to accept them is to deal in nothing but HITS.

From A Publisher's Point of View: Our mission(s) should any of us decide to accept them is to get you what you deserve.

At the present time, we're offering our copyright services for those who love to "burn the midnight oil". Our writers are also available in various genres of music for projects undertaken by our staff and/ or company. We are also on hand to help our clients with initiating their affiliation as writers and/ or publishers to Performance Right Organizations such as SESAC, BMI and ASCAP.



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S.N.I.P.E.R. Music Publishing focuses much of its efforts in making “nothing but HITS” !!…as a “sniper” should. “Business is business”; therefore, we also make sure of pinpoint precision when handling the creative aspects of this industry. This division is currently a member of ASCAP and also a member of NAPM (National Academy Of Popular Music) or better known for The Songwriters Hall Of Fame.



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Author, Spoken Word Artist, Wellness Coach and BusinessWoman TiffanyDenise. Author, Poet, Teacher, Spoken Word Artist and Delta Sigma Theta Aretha Brown.



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 Music Placement

General Costs/ Fees
*Search: currently we charge $120 per day to conduct a search.

NOTE: All Money Due Up Front.
General Costs/ Fees 

*Search: currently we charge $120 per day.

NOTE: All Money Due Up Front.
General Costs/ Fees 

*Via our industry leads: currently we charge $750 per 2-year interval.

NOTE: All Money Due Up Front.
*Registration: Please contact us to learn what you need to send us in order for us to propery complete your registration(s) (ie. contact info, writer/ composer info, CD/ audio file format, lyric sheets, etc.).
 *Registration: Please contact us for details.
 *What To Send Us ?: Please contact us for details.

Trademark fees


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